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There are hundreds of bankruptcy law firms in Phoenix, but none quite like us.

We are not one of the biggest bankruptcy law firms in Phoenix and you won’t see us advertising on city buses and daytime television.

Those are enormous marketing costs that other bankruptcy attorneys have to pass to their clients. As a result, many of the larger firms are petition factories that must churn out hundreds of bankruptcies every month regardless of whether bankruptcy truly is in their clients’ best interest.

We are different. We are a boutique bankruptcy firm that sometimes accepts fewer cases just to ensure that every client receives superior personal attention through what can be a challenging time in their lives. Our clients are not just file numbers, they are people. Sometimes they are even friends and family. 

But don’t let size fool you, our bankruptcy attorneys have helped hundreds of clients discharge millions of dollars of debt. We just prioritize quality over quantity and our clients appreciate that. We believe in open dialogue, responsiveness uncharacteristic of the legal profession, and transparency. We strive to offer the lowest fee possible because the purpose of bankruptcy is to eliminate debt, not to incur new debt to pay for expensive attorneys. Unfortunately, not all of our colleagues share these values. 

What We’re Good At (besides drinking coffee)

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