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Using an experienced bankruptcy attorney to prepare your documents offers several advantages over certified legal document preparers.

Not everyone who files bankruptcy needs to hire an attorney. While many other bankruptcy attorneys won’t admit it, some bankruptcies truly are so simple that it is cost ineffective to hire an attorney. This is why we offer ‘unbundled’ or limited scope assistance, including bankruptcy document preparation, so clients only pay for exactly what they need.

Other Benefits

  • Fees comparable to or lower than certified document preparers. Chapter 7 petitions as low as $149. No hidden fees.
  • Same day petitions available for debtors who need to file emergency bankruptcy.
  • Fully remote process that can be completed from the comfort of your home without inconvenient travel.
  • All petitions include a complimentary guide to bankruptcy court, the filing process, preparation for a 341 hearing, and other questions commonly asked by self-represented bankruptcy filers.

Only licensed attorneys can give you legal advice. There are non-attorneys who are ‘certified’ to prepare bankruptcy and other legal documents. This certification just means that they are authorized for the very limited task of typing legal documents. Certified document preparers cannot give you any legal advice. This means that if you have any questions about bankruptcy law, application of specific exemptions, or general legal strategy, document preparers cannot help you. Our attorneys can and do without additional fee.

Bankruptcies often involve more than the initial petition. The bankruptcy petition is the first step, not the last. A certified legal document preparer cannot help you evaluate and defend yourself against creditor objections to dischargeability or a trustee’s motion to dismiss. If you want to give yourself the best chance to achieve bankruptcy discharge, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be invaluable. Consider that even small mistakes in the petition or other documents can result in dismissal or involuntary conversion to a different type of bankruptcy that can cost the debtor tens of thousands of dollars.

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